Current Moon Phase

Full Moon
Luminance 99.0%
Moon Rise/Set Information

Moon: 19:04
Moon: 04:50
Next Full Moon: Fri 5th-Jun-2020
Next New Moon:Sat 20th-Jun-2020
Current Moon cycle is 14 days old

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Event Visible
June 5-6th 2020
Solar Eclipse and Lunar Events

Annular Lunar Eclipse 26 Dec 2019
Lunar Eclipse 10-11 Jan 2020
Lunar Eclipse 5-6 Jun 2020
Annular Solar Eclipse 21 Jun 2020
Lunar Eclipse 4-5 Jul 2020
Lunar Eclipse 29-30 Nov 2020
Total Eclipse 14 Dec 2020

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Radio Ham Guide (EME)

Earth–Moon–Earth communication (EME), also known as Moon bounce, is a radio communications technique that relies on the propagation of radio waves from an Earth-based transmitter directed via reflection from the surface of the Moon back to an Earth-based receiver using VHF and UHF amateur radio bands.
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